Dmitry Baltermants

Dmitri Baltermants (13 May 1912 – 11 June 1990) was a prominent Soviet photojournalist.

Early life
Baltermants was born in Warsaw, Poland on 13 May 1912. His father was a soldier in the Imperial Russian Army. He died in the First World War.

Baltermants graduated from the Moscow State University.

First Decorated Heroes of Liberated Odessa. – Dmitri Baltermants ©

Career. Baltermants originally planned to be a math teacher at a Military Academy. However, he fell in love and started a career as a photojournalist in 1939. Baltermants was an official Kremlin photographer. He also worked for the daily Izvestia as a photo editor and contributed to the popular magazine Ogonyok.

Baltermants was a World War II veteran who covered the battle at Stalingrad and the battles in Russia and Ukraine for the Red Army. He was twice injured.

Baltermants’ photos were censored by Soviet authorities in order to preserve images that showed the positive aspects of service, just like the Red Army photographers during wartime.

His most striking photos were not published and some of them became widely known in the 1960s. His work was noticed in the West, where it was distributed through the Sovfoto agency.

Entertaining the Troops. – Dmitri Baltermants ©

Jews in the Crimean city of Kerch. It depicts the pain of grieving village women searching for their loved ones’ bodies. The image is made even more dramatic by the powerful sky oversaturated, which was burned in during printing.

This article was written by © Christopher G – Narrating Images.

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