About Me

I am a photographer, who started shooting professionally some ten years ago now. I recently won the UK ‘Westcountry Landscape Photographer of the year’, however, my passion is capturing innovative images of people. 

I have been shooting with Fujifilm equipment since the launch of the X-Pro1 in 2012 and migrated to the X-Pro3 in January 2020. This style of camera allows me to photograph ‘up-close’ naturally composed pictures of real situations.

Working in the heart of South Florida, I’ve been commissioned to photograph everyone from actor’s, business owners, celebrities, dancers, families, models, musicians and writers. I regularly travel throughout Europe and America, providing a private service for special events, capturing milestone moments.

The Fujifilm equipment provides everything I need to capture discreet, unobtrusive photographs. Professionally, I shoot everything, from architecture to food; however, the majority of my photographic work is people and events.

My other passion is shooting and developing film. I have a growing collection of both 35mm and medium format cameras. Film photography is incredibly rewarding; it slows down the process and forces me to think more about the composition of each frame; it also requires a different set of skills than digital photography. The imperfections, grain, softness, and tones of film contribute to a more authentic classic look.

I have various Instagram pages, showcasing some of the images I’ve captured and developed on film, using different cameras and film types. I will write more articles about analogue photography and developing Medium format film when time allows.

I also work closely with a number of studios, receiving images and using Capture One editing software, to correct, retouch, crop and colour grade pictures to accurately meet their requirements.

I have all the experience and equipment necessary to ensure that every image I make accurately portrays the person or product perfectly. I ensure every photoshoot is a relaxed, fun and enjoyable experience. This helps produce the best pictures possible. I provide my clients with photographs that can be used for all types of marketing, from online stores, social media to catalogues and personal portfolios.

Finally, if you hire me, I promise I’ll never make anyone say “cheese”!

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I’ll be happy to hear from you and talk about any photographic project. I’m now taking bookings again for 2022/2023.