Highland Cattle

Out for an evening walk, with an old Olympus 35mm, when this guy walked up for a photo shoot!

Highland Cattle – 2021 – © Christopher G – Narrating Images.
Highland Cattle – 2021 – © Christopher G – Narrating Images.

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The Importance Of A First Impression!

I ensure every photoshoot is a relaxed, fun and enjoyable experience. This helps produce the best pictures possible.

WE CAN ONLY MAKE A first impression once. When online, we largely rely on our profile picture to portray a trustworthy and professional image. The photo is the first thing our eyes naturally seek when looking at someone’s social media page.

A professional picture demonstrates the type of person we are and how we want others to view us. This is true of any social media platform, business website or even dating website.

Your online profile is permanently visible. If you write on a social media post or comment on other peoples pages, your profile picture will be seen again and again.

So the most important thing anyone can do, to make the best possible first impression, is hiring a professional photographer. A high-quality headshot will help you connect with others, acquire jobs or build business connections. It will also show you care, as well as being serious about the job you do.

There are more than 740 million users globally on LinkedIn alone. Many people create business connections and find jobs using this networking tool. You wouldn’t submit a CV with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors when seeking a job. You should attach the same importance to your profile photo.

When you have a professional profile photo it presents you in the best way, you can show prospective employers or business contacts that you are confident, friendly and professional. This all helps create trust, helps you get noticed and can help you find a new job or win a new contract.

Just as a great profile picture can have a positive impact, the reverse can happen with a poor photograph. Highly pixelated photographs demonstrate that you are not up-to-date, unprofessional and unaware of the latest technology. It can also affect how you are perceived. The same applies to unfamiliar photos, such as pictures of your pet or dream car – keep these for your private pleasure.

You can use a professional photo in several ways. You can use it for your profile image on your website and on different social media networks. Sometimes you may also need to provide a specialist photo for press releases, on business brochures, interviews and other media forms.

If you want to benefit from having a professional profile picture, to use on your various social media pages or business website, drop me a line. I am a Cotswolds based photographer, who started shooting professionally some ten years ago now. I’ve been commissioned to photograph everyone from actor’s, business owners, celebrities, dancers, families, models, musicians and writers.

Why me?
I have all the experience and equipment necessary to ensure that every image I make accurately portrays you or your company perfectly. I ensure every photoshoot is a relaxed, fun and enjoyable experience. This helps produce the best pictures possible. I can provide my clients with photographs that can be used for all types of marketing, from online stores, social media to catalogues and personal portfolios.